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‘An intriguing story about family life, tenderly told and packing an emotional punch.’ Heidi Swain

‘Love comes in such a lot of different forms – you just don’t know when it’s going to strike or where from. A gloriously romantic and beautifully written novel that I couldn’t put down!’ Phillipa Ashley

‘This story flows effortlessly, is gorgeously romantic, and beautifully explores the highs and lows of modern relationships.’ Emma Davies

‘This is a different kind of romance story with real heart and an interesting heroine who you’re rooting for all the way. Well written and endearing – a must for your holiday reading list.’ Bella Osborne

‘Kate Field has made me imagine in love again, not the teenage meet-cute kind of love, but the real, enduring, self-sacrificing love. The love that actually, as adults, we all hope is in reality real.’ The Glass House

‘It brought me to tears. What an emotional read! I totally fell in love with the main character, Mary Black … This is book that will stay with me for a very long time.’ NetGalley reviewer

‘The book itself was wonderfully written, the plot flowing perfectly, and I will’t fault the characters or outcome.’ NetGalley reviewer

‘I absolutely loved this book. I used to be hooked from the beginning. A heartfelt read that I would recommend to anyone.’ NetGalley reviewer

‘A warm, different look at marriage hardships. The author has put a large number of heart and emotion into this book.’ NetGalley reviewer

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