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Zdenka Fantlová and her story made a lasting impression. She survived six concentration camps, endured horrors the like of which most of us can’t begin to comprehend, yet never lost the will to live or her optimism for a better future. All through her time in the camps she kept a little tin ring, made for her by her boyfriend. She risked her life to keep this humble object that meant so much to her. Her boyfriend did not continue to exist the camps. But Zdenka’s love for him and the tin ring did. –Fiona Bruce, BBC’s Antiques Roadshow

This book is unique in many ways. Not only is it an autobiographical narrative of exceptional quality and sensitivity, not only does it relate events and experiences of an atypical life full of suffering, passion and resilience, not only does the creator emerge as a most remarkable human being brimming with compassion, curiosity and zest for life but, above all, this book, in a most subtle way, is also highly original in its approach and this deserves to be acknowledged, appreciated, welcomed and applauded. Above all, this book is an extremely rare testimony of defiance against brutalisation and humiliation, this can be a humble expression of the power of endurance and love, it is written with sincerity and sensitivity and this can be a book that makes us think and question life and human relationships in surprisingly refreshing ways. –Renos K. Papadopoulos, Professor and Director of the Centre for Trauma, Asylum and Refugees, University of Essex

An unbelievable story. –BBC news

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Now 92, Zdenka Fantlová is likely one of the few living eye-witnesses to the horror of the Holocaust, to which she lost her entire family. For so long as she lives Zdenka is made up our minds to tell her inspiring story of great love, one as uplifting as it is harrowing, to as many people as imaginable. Zdenka still keeps the tin ring, the symbol of Arno’s love, close to her to this day.

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